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Ranked, We've all heard about it!
=About= <!--T:21-->The differences between ranked and unranked matches is that you You can raise or lower your rank in ranked public matches. If you look at the chat in [[Special:MyLanguage/SMASH|SMASH]] you will notice that each player name has a number between brackets as a suffix, this . This number is their rank. Every player starts out with 1000 rank, or as it is mostly referred to, ELO. Winning ranked public matches raises your ELO , and losing matches lowers it. The [ ELO rating system] is a commonly used system to rank players.
=Ranked QueuePublic Matches= <!--T:32-->To join a ranked match you first have to enter the queue. You can do this by either clicking the sign in the Shotbow Hub or in the Lobby , simply right-click on one of any SMASH server. These signs also show the amount of players already in the queue two NPCs and the number of players currently playing matchesclick on a match. If enough players are queued up you will be sent Alternatively, type <span style="color:#00ffff">/matchmaking</span> to a matchopen the matchmaking menu, this will be then click on a random map that can fit all the playersmatch. The server Only public matches will always try to put players together based on reward ELO, there can be a maximum . Party games will not reward ELO difference of 100 between two players in a match.
=ELO= <!--T:43-->When a ranked public match is finished , the ELO difference for all players will be calculated, it . It will show everyone's new ELO and , between parentheses , how much they gained or lost. To calculate the final scores , the following formula [1] is used to compare all players to each other: ](5+((loser-winner)/25)) <!--T:4--><span style="color:#00ffff">/elo (player)</span> can be used to check the elo of any player, regardless of if they're in your lobby or not.
<span style="color[https:#ffcc00">Please Note: Now a new command:</span> <span style="color:#00ffff">/elo (player)<> 1GIcfCRNI-s2ZkjQ937p8Pt-DFf- <span styleSTL2gHdL1fCrf_pI/edit?usp="color:#ffcc00">Shows sharing Click Here] for the current ELO of that player!</span>Calculation.
[httpshttp://docswww.googlegalacticagx.comnet/documenteloCalc/d/1GIcfCRNI-s2ZkjQ937p8Pt-DFf-STL2gHdL1fCrf_pI/edit?usp=sharing index.html Click Here] for the CalculationELO Calculator.
[ Click Here] for the ELO Calculator.
ELO Colours
* [<span style="color:#00ff00">1000</span>] <Player>
* [<span style="color:#ff99cc">1601</span>] <Player>
* [<span style="color:#000000">1701</span>] <Player>
=SMASH Leaderboards= <!--T:8-->
The SMASH leaderboards show the top 20 players with the highest ELO. The leaderboards can be found [ here].
[[File:SMASHRanked.png|File:SMASHRanked.png]] =SMASH Leaderboards= <!--T:10-->The SMASH leaderboards show the top 20 players with the highest ELO. The leaderboards for both US and EU can be found [ here]. <!--T:11-->Every three months , the leaderboards will be reset , and a new season of SMASH begins, allowing everyone to compete for the top again [3]. The first season of SMASH ended on October 15 2013. The second season ended on April 25 2014. The final season 1 and 2 scores have yet to be officially released by the developers but all season data has been kept[3].  ==References== <!--T:12-->
# LazerTester. "SMASH Ranking System: Unraveling The Mystery".
# Kirschbaumer. [ "ELO colours"]. Shotbow Forums
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