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*On right-clicking Flurry, you will send out a number of 'missiles' that seek targets. The number of missiles sent out corresponds to the amount of enemies within a 10-block radius.
*Each individual missile seeks out their own target and, on impact, will deal 6 hearts ([[File:Heart.png]][[File:Heart.png]][[File:Heart.png]][[File:Heart.png]][[File:Heart.png]][[File:Heart.png]]) of damage, reduced by the defence of the enemy (armor and enchants)and deal some knockback.*Additionally, this will make the enemy glow through walls for the Hunter for 5 seconds.*The missile will destroy Team Doors to get to an enemy.
*If the missile hits nothing for 20 seconds, it will self-destruct.
*The Flurry ability has a 50-second cooldown, reduced by 5 seconds for each target a missile hits.

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