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* [[Special:MyLanguage/Iceman|Iceman]] can be very useful in mid, but keep in mind: Only in mid.
* [[Special:MyLanguage/Defender|Defender]] can be one of the best classes to use if you stay around your base because the recall ability puts you right next to the nexus.
* [[Special:MyLanguage/Miner|Miner]] will be very useful to take down the aqueduct on the right side of your base. The aqueduct is a very easy way to get to the run into the base with [[Special:MyLanguage/Assassin|Assassin]] because it has vines that lead to the top of it on the outside of the base.
==Tips== <!--T:9-->
* [[Special:MyLanguage/Acrobat|Acrobat]] is very favourable favorable on this map, because you are immune to fall damage. Make sure to bring some blocks, so you can get yourself out of the canyon.
* Breaking the side of mid can create a waterfall for easy access into and out of the canyon.
* There's only one entrance to the Nexus, [[Special:MyLanguage/Immobilizer|Immobilizer]] and [[Special:MyLanguage/Mercenary|Mercenary]] are great in defending against rushes.


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