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Changed /team leave to attempt to explain how it now works.
=Shotbow Commands= <!--T:2-->
These commands can be used everywhere on shotbowShotbow.
* <span style="color:#00ffff">/hub</span> - Sends you back to the Shotbow lobby.
* <span style="color:#00ffff">/minezlobby</span> or <span style="color:#00ffff">/mzl</span> - Sends you to the MineZ Lobby.* <span style="color:#00ffff">/annilobby</span> or <span style="color:#00ffff">/al</span> - Send you to the Annihilation Lobby.* <span style="color:#00ffff">/perms</span> - Lists your player groupgroups, generally "default".* <span style="color:#00ffff">/myxp</span> - Gives Shows your current [[Special:MyLanguage/Shotbow_XP|Shotbow XP level]] amount.* <span style="color:#00ffff">/multiplier</span> - Gives Shows your current [[Special:MyLanguage/Shotbow_XP|Shotbow XP ]] multiplier.* <span style="color:#00ffff">@(playername) (message)</span> - Private message another player on the server. Works on Annihilation, GG and MineZ.* <span style="color:#00ffff">/report (playername)</span> - Brings up the a menu to report a player who is breaking the [ Shotbow 's rules ] (abuse of this system can get you banned from reporting anyone else).** <span style="color:#00ffff">/comment (message)</span> or <span style="color:#00ffff">/c (msg)</span> - Places a comment on the latest player you've reported (cannot be used when a chat spam report has been issued).* <span style="color:#00ffff">/register (Email)</span> - Registers your account name with the email provided on Required to begin start earning [[Special:MyLanguage/Shotbow_XP|Shotbow XP]].** <span style="color:#00ffff">/changeemail (Email)</span> - Changes the Email email address associated with your account. (Useful if you /registered with a mistyped an incorrect or misspelled email).)
* <span style="color:#00ffff">/refresh</span> - Refreshes package info.
* <span style="color:#00ffff">/ping</span> - Shows your ping to the server.
=[[Special:MyLanguage/MineZ|MineZ]]= <!--T:3-->
Commands that can be used on MineZ.
* <s><span style="color:#00ffff">/mz spawntell, /msg, /whisper, /w (playername) (message)</span>- Picks a random spawn point and spawns you there.</s> Private message another player on the server* <span style="color:#ff000000ffff">Just click a zombie head you hold on your hotbar./mz spawn</span>- Selects and brings you to a random spawn point in the world.** Useful if the Zombie Head in your inventory doesn't work in the spawn lobby.** Premium members players can choose a spawnpoint their spawn point by clicking the zombie head and selecting one from Spawn #1 to Spawn #40.* <span style="color:#00ffff">/mz stats</span> - Opens a GUI to show your current [[Special:MyLanguage/Achievements|achievement progress]].
* <span style="color:#00ffff">/mz server</span> - Tells you which MineZ server you're playing on.
* <span style="color:#00ffff">/mz kill</span> - Instantly kills the player. Useful for respawning quickly.
* <span style="color:#00ffff">/mz uptime</span> - Tells you how long the server has been online since the last reboot.
* <span style="color:#00ffff">/mz deathmessages</span> - Toggles between local and global death messages.
* <span style="color:#00ffff">/mz killtoggle</span> - Instantly kills the player. Leaves Opens a player zombie behind. Useful for respawning quicker.* <span style="color:#00ffff">/mz stats</span> - Open GUI which shows your current progress of achievements.* <span style="color:#00ffff">/mz uptime</span> - Tells you how long the server has been running forto toggle on or off various options.* <span style="color:#00ffff">/logout</span> - Starts Initiates a safe logout countdown of 15 second countdown for a safelog (No NPC)seconds.* <span style="color:#00ffff">/toggle</span> - This will allow you * Do this to toggle options that are availableprevent a NPC from spawning and safely disconnect from MineZ.* <span style="color:#00ffff">/ignore (player)</span> - Ignore a Ignores the specified player that you specified.* <span style="color:#00ffff">/cosmetics</span> - Change the color of leather armor to what you wantUse/apply purchased cosmetics.** To unlock some options you need to buy on Visit the [ Shotbow buycraft] in purchase various cosmetics!
=[[Special:MyLanguage/Annihilation|Annihilation]]= <!--T:4-->
* <span style="color:#00ffff">/chat unmute (player)</span> - Unmutes a player.
* <span style="color:#00ffff">/dado</span> - Shows nexus damage done and nexus damage healed with handyman.
* <s><span style="color:#00ffff">/compete</span> - Enters matchmaking queue for competitive 8v8 matches.</s>* <s><span style="color:#00ffff">/withdrawcompass</span> - Leaves matchmaking queue for competitive 8v8 matchesGives the player a compass.</s>
* <span style="color:#00ffff">/team view</span> - Shows you how many players are on each team.
* <span style="color:#00ffff">/team join (color/player)</span> - Attempt to join that team or that player's team.
* <span style="color:#00ffff">/team leave</span> - Leaves your team. Only works while the player is still in the voting stagequeuing for a team.
* <span style="color:#00ffff">/team stats (color)</span> - In development.
* <span style="color:#00ffff">/vote return</span>
==party commands==
* <span style="color:#00ffff">/p</span> - can be used instead of <span style="color:#00ffff">/party</span>. Works with all commands below.
* <span style="color:#00ffff">/party create</span> - Creates a party.
* <span style="color:#00ffff">/party invite (player)</span> - Invites a player to your party.

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