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<font size="3px">'''[[Special:MyLanguage/MineZ Mobs|Mobs]]'''</font><br>
Learn about the various mobs you might come across during your adventure.<br>
<font size="3px">'''[[Special:MyLanguage/MineZ Mobs#GiantLore|Fighting GiantsLore]]'''</font><br>Read more about how to take out your first boss mob, Uncover the world's past and its hidden secrets with the GiantLore of MineZ.<br>
<font size="3px">'''[[Special:MyLanguage/Healing|Healing]]'''</font><br>
Ever felt like keeping others or yourself alive? Read here.<br>
<font size="3px">'''[[Special:MyLanguage/Thirst & Visibility|Thirst & Visibility]]'''</font><br>
Do not run! They can hear you... And make sure you to stay hydrated!<br>
<font size="3px">'''[[Special:MyLanguage/Bleeding & Infection|Bleeding& Infection]]'''</font><br>
Learn about two unique aspects of MineZ, bleeding and, when getting bit, infection.<br>
<font size="3px">'''[[Special:MyLanguage/Types Of Players|Types Of Players]]'''</font><br>


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