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'''Rifts ''' is a map added to the Annihilation map rotation in December 2017August 2019.
The diamond mine, or mid, has four bridges that connect to each other, with a cavity underneath. There are diamonds on the bridges and in the mine under them. In mid you can also find lapis, to find it, you need to take the stairs down into a small shaft where you can find a few ores of lapis lazuli.You can also find the boss portals at mid, they're located in opposite to each other. [[File:Rifts.png|250px|thumb|right|Overview of Rifts, as seen from the top]] ==Strategies== <!--T:7--> <!--T:8-->* Strategy 1* Strategy 2* Strategy 3  ==Tips== <!--T:9--> <!--T:9-->* Tip 1* Tip 2* Tip 3  ==Builders== <!--T:10--> <!--T:11-->* AWildW0lf


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