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[[File:CanyonMapCanyon.png|250px|thumb|right|Overview of Canyon, as seen from the top]]
The map has 2 coal mines, the smaller one is located to the left of your base, whilst the larger one is to the right and also contains some lapis lazuli.
There are also 2 iron mines, the first one is large and goes deep, placed exactly in front of your base exit next to the piles of logs. The second one is more distant, located slightly to the left of the base, behind the first coal mine. Lapis is also near the second iron mine near the borders of the map.
Gold mine is relatively close to the middle of the map under a high hill that has 2 entrances, furthermore, the Redstone mine is small and located in a small hill between the first iron mine and the gold mine.
Emerald mine is also close, on the edge of the cliff, next to the canyon with a stream of lava flowing.Lastly, the Diamond mine is an oasis with trees and a pond where you can get water. The diamonds are placed on small stone heaps on the water surface.
* [[Special:MyLanguage/Iceman|Iceman]] can be very useful in mid, but keep in mind: Only in mid.
* Strategy 2[[Special:MyLanguage/Defender|Defender]] can be one of the best classes to use if you stay around your base because the recall ability puts you right next to the nexus.* Strategy 3[[Special:MyLanguage/Miner|Miner]] will be very useful to take down the aqueduct on the right side of your base. The aqueduct is a very easy way to get to the run into the base with [[Special:MyLanguage/Assassin|Assassin]].
==Tips== <!--T:9-->
* [[Special:MyLanguage/Acrobat|Acrobat]] is very favourable favorable on this map, because you are immune to fall damage. Make sure to bring some blocks, so you can get yourself out of the canyon.
* Breaking the side of mid can create a waterfall for easy access into and out of the canyon.
* There's only one entrance to the Nexus, [[Special:MyLanguage/Immobilizer|Immobilizer]] and [[Special:MyLanguage/Mercenary|Mercenary]] are great in defending against rushes.

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