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'''Sirus''' is a massive underground city boasting almost every kind of loot possible. It is one of the largest town towns in all of MineZ. This town is commonly camped due to its abundance of high quality military gear, water refills, and food. The mini-dungeon [[Special:MyLanguage/Alchemical Lab|Alchemical Lab]] is located in the slums here, as is an Emerald Shard for the Emerald Quest. The crafting table and brewing stand can be found inside a tiny forge near the magma springs. There are zombie spawners, so be careful.
|x=12001100|z=-15001525|area=Underground CityN/A
|zombies=<font color="#fc5202">High</font> - [[Special:MyLanguage/MineZ Mobs#Zombies|Zombie]] Spawners
|bandits=<font color="#d41202">Very High</font>
|crafting= {{minezloot_yes}}
|farm= {{minezloot_no}}
|brewing= {{minezloot_yes}}
|civ_common= 275|civ_toolciv_uncommon= 819|food_commontool_common= {{minezloot_no}}2|food_uncommontool_uncommon= 158|pots_common= {{minezloot_no}}|pots_uncommon= {{minezloot_no}}|pots_rare= {{minezloot_no}}|mil_commonfood_uncommon= {{minezloot_no}}17|mil_uncommon= 617
|mil_rare= 20
|mil_epic= 1
|shard= {{minezloot_yes}}
|geode= {{minezloot_no}}
==Loot Chests== <!--T:4-->
* Exterior EntranceShayminPlays' Lore Shack '''(1122, 30, -1542)'''** Fort1 civ_uncommon*** 3 mil_rare1 mil_uncommon** Big HouseHouses on path to Lava Lake*** 1 civ_common'''(1132, 28, -1566)'''*** 1 mil_rare** Houseciv_uncommon '''(1116, 30, -1554)'''*** 1 civ_commonmil_uncommon '''(1116, 26, -1565)'''* Town Center'''(1119, 26, -1511)'''** ArcadeWest House
*** 2 civ_common
*** 1 mil_uncommon
*** 1 mil_rare
** Eastern Housefor Sale
*** 1 food_uncommon
*** 1 mil_uncommon
*** 1 civ_uncommon* Slums** Eastern Upper Level*** On Crates**** 2 mil_uncommon*** Green House '''(1134, 20, -1484)'''**** 1 civ_uncommon*** Yellow House '''(1127, 21, -1480)'''**** 1 civ_uncommon*** Under Brown Canopy '''(1119, 22, -1461)'''**** 1 mil_rare*** Orange House, Accessed via Ladder Jump '''(1110, 24, -1476)'''**** 1 tool_uncommon**** 1 mil_rare** Eastern Middle Level*** Southmost Crates**** 1 mil_uncommon*** Eastmost Green House '''(1135, 12, -1478)'''**** 1 civ_uncommon*** Eastmost Yellow House '''(1125, 12, -1464)'''**** 1 civ_uncommon*** Southeast Dark Green House '''(1128, 12, -1460)'''**** 1 civ_uncommon*** Orange House, Accessed from Southeast Green '''(1125, 12, -1472)'''**** 1 civ_uncommon**** 1 mil_rare*** Southmost Yellow House '''(1117, 12, -1459)'''**** 1 civ_uncommon** Eastern Lower Level*** Northmost Green House '''(1125, 5, -1485)'''**** 1 civ_common** Tent* Green-Orange Alley '''(1125, 5, -1480)'''**** 1 mil_rare*** Orange House '''(1120, 5, -1475)'''**** 1 mil_uncommon**** 1 food_uncommon*** Southmost Green House '''(1128, 5, -1464)'''**** 1 civ_uncommon*** Gray House '''(1117, 6, -1463)'''**** 1 food_uncommon*** Westmost Green House '''(1111, 6, -1472)'''**** 1 food_uncommon** Western Middle Level*** Southmost Green House (with ladder) '''(1109, 12, -1455)'''**** 1 civ_uncommon*** Alley next to Southmost Green**** 1 mil_rare*** Southmost Yellow House '''(1101, 12, -1454)'''**** 1 civ_uncommon*** South Orange House '''(1101, -1460)'''**** Lower Floor***** 1 civ_uncommon**** Upper Floor (Drop Down from Above)***** 1 mil_rare*** Southwest Yellow House (by zombie spawner) '''(1093, 12, -1458)'''**** 1 food_uncommon*** Southwest Green House '''(1088, 15, -1465)'''**** 1 food_uncommon*** North Orange House '''(1100, 18, -1482)'''**** 1 food_uncommon**** 1 mil_uncommon*** Northmost Yellow House '''(1096, 18, -1485)'''**** 1 food_uncommon*** Green House '''(1091, -1479)'''**** Lower Floor (Strawberry Jam) ***** 1 civ_uncommon**** Upper Floor (Access from North Orange)***** 1 mil_rare*** Northmost Dark Green House**** 1 tool_uncommon** Western Upper Level*** Yellow House '''(1078, 28, -1476)'''**** 1 food_uncommon**** 1 civ_uncommon*** Green House '''(1076, 31, -1465)'''**** 1 civ_commontool_uncommon**** 1 mil_rare* Lava LakeHot Springs** Basement of Town Center House With Small Tower'''(1092, 14, -1516)'''*** 1 civ_uncommon
*** 1 mil_rare
*** 1 mil_uncommon*** 1 civ_tool** WatchtowerUnder Staircase '''(1085, 8, -1516)'''
*** 1 mil_rare
** Eastern House '''(1079, 8, -1532)'''*** 1 mil_uncommonfood_uncommon** Tree Stumps** Small Building* 2 mil_uncommon
*** 1 mil_rare
** 7-years Construction House*** 1 civ_common** Mineshaft Tracks*** 3 mil_rare** Mineshaft Station*** 1 civ_tool** Tiny Forge*** 1 civ_tool* Grassy Houses '''(To the Forge1068, 9, -1545)** Southeastern House*** 1 food_uncommon'''
*** 1 mil_rare
*Western House with Library '''(1032, 19, -1548)'''** 2 food_uncommon* Western Mineshaft Cave '''(1025, 27, -1557)'''** 1 mil_rare* Entrance Archway '''(1006, 42, -1574)'''** 1 mil_rare* Second House From The SouthNorthwestern Houses (sorted southwest to northeast)*** 1 food_uncommon '''(1046, 18, -1565)'''*** 2 civ_common1 food_uncommon '''(1057, 18, -1573)'''** Northeasten House* 1 food_uncommon '''(1063, 17, -1580)'''*** 1 civ_toolmil_uncommon '''(1069, 18, -1594)'''* Lava Lakes** Watchtower '''(1080, 27, -1551)'''
*** 1 mil_uncommon
** Northwestern House
*** 1 mil_rare
*** 1 civ_common* Forge** 2 civ_tool* Hot Springs** Corrupted Trees*** 4 mil_rare** Big House *** 1 civ_commonGlowstone Pod
*** 1 mil_rare
** Small Housewith staircase to Lava Lake '''(1095, 19, -1548)'''*** 1 tool_uncommon*** 2 mil_uncommon** Lava Lake Caves '''(1092, 12, -1574)'''*** 2 mil_rare** Mini-Forge (Brewing Stands) '''(1101, 16, -1603)'''*** 1 tool_uncommon* Northeast Neighborhood** Minecart Station '''(1131, 17, -1575)'''*** 1 tool_uncommon** Southmost House '''(1130, 10, -1587)'''
*** 1 food_uncommon
** 7-Year Construction House*** 1 mil_epicmil_rare* Glowstone Pod ** 1 mil_epic* Slums** Eastern Top Houses*** 2 civ_common** Southern Top HousesMiddle House '''(1136, 7, -1606)'''
*** 1 civ_common
*** 1 civ_uncommon
** Northeast House '''(1148, 6, -1625)'''
*** 1 civ_uncommon
*** 1 mil_uncommon
** West House '''(1118, 8, -1627)'''
*** 1 food_uncommon
** Bottom Eastern Houses
*** 8 civ_common
*** 3 food_uncommon
** Bottom Western Houses
*** 2 civ_tool
*** 4 civ_common
*** 3 food_uncommon
* Cave System Entrance
** Small Mineshaft
*** 1 mil_rare
** Grassy House
*** 2 food_uncommon
** Houses (4)
*** 3 food_uncommon
*** 1 mil_uncommon
** Forgery
*** 2 tool_common
*** 2 tool_uncommon
==Travel Advisory/Warnings== <!--T:6-->
* There are twelve holes to the surface above Sirus to provide natural light, these are scattered around the west side of the [[Special:MyLanguage/Cave System|Cave System]] Entrance. Some are marked with redstone torches , but the majority are not, so .** Seven of these holes can be careful as only five fatal. Five of them will drop the twelve present drop player into bodies of water, which are at the following coordiantes:*** (1059, -1493), (1048, -1497), (1050, -1506), (1041, -1506), and (1061, -1516)* The only brewing stands in the town are at the mini-forge. Crafting tables can be found all across the town.* There are many small lakes here, however, but most of them cannot be used to refill bottles.* The Emerald Shard is in the cave below the green house on the west upper level of the slums. To obtain it, drop (do not allow you throw) an Acid Vial from the [[Alchemical Lab]] onto the smoke particles.** The entrance to refill your empty bottlesthe [[Alchemical Lab]] can be found just above the shard, up the waterfall.* There are zombie spawners located below the lamp posts leading to the hot springs, forge , and at the houses near the Cave System entrance. Move quickly when going near these.** There are also several zombie spawners located in the slums, near the piles with zombie heads/blood close to by a pair of skeleton skulls. You One can easily parkour to most of the houses' roofs to escape from zombies. Only civilian loot and food spawns in the slums. Make sure to know where the spawners are located to loot this area efficiently and avoid wasting potions.* This [[Special:MyLanguage/MineZ Mobs#Wolf|Wolves]] and [[Special:MyLanguage/MineZ Mobs#Shivers|Shivers]] often spawn here, since this is a very good place to camp for food if you need somecave town and the cave system is located under the snow biome.* Sirus has There are many lava pools on the highest amount of player traffic out north side of all the Cave System Entrances, you will very likely encounter a player here, but most are just passing through with low-tier gear so will town. Be careful not be looking to fight other playersget knocked in.* There are many * Shivers can be brought to the lava pools here, so it is advised you keep cautionand knocked in to easily dispose of them.* To get onto the The glowstone pod, go to can be accessed via a cave from the tower by the lava pool in the center top of the townwatchtower. At the top you fill a path leading A fatal 3-block 1-up must be performed to reach the pod. You have to do hard ** Sugar will make this jump to get onto the glowstone podmarginally easier, so bringing sugar is recommended as failing the jump is fatalhowever.* Probably Sirus has the most commonly visited cave town highest amount of player traffic out of all the towns in the Cave SystemEntrances, but is more commonly visited by inexperienced players with low-tier gear.** Players with high-tier gear may still come here to complete the [[Alchemical Lab]], though.* Keep in mind there are no pot potion chests here, closest sources are [[Special:MyLanguage/Septus|Septus]] and [[Special:MyLanguage/Tahosa|Tahosa]].* Make sure to visit towns like [[Special:MyLanguage/Types Of Players#Bandit|BanditsAltin]] can been found camping here so beware.* or [[Special:MyLanguage/MineZ Mobs#Wolf|WolvesEphirion]] often spawn here, since this is a cave town and the cave system is located under the snow biomefor potions.
==Trivia== <!--T:8-->
* The name Sirus refers to [ Sirius, a star system], the brightest star in Earth's night sky. This could be related with the giant glowstone pod located in the town.* This location received multiple changes over the course of 2019. An expansion to the slums was made. The tree required to grapple from to get onto the glowstone pod was removed and instead , a way up through some short but hard parkour was added. Lastly, most houses were opened and refurnished along with other build updates to the entire town, most notably the forge and hot springs.
* Sirus was altered for Christmas 2017 and it contained more zombie spawners and a few zombie pigman spawners. The increased amount of spawners was found near the arcade, next to the mineshaft station and the houses close to the Cave System entrance. The zombie pigmen spawners could be found on the last. There was also a quest here related with getting to the [[Special:MyLanguage/North Pole|North Pole]].
* Sirus was also altered for Halloween 2018. There was a NPC present in the forge that asked for glowstone, a golden apple and a golden carrot to make a key. You'd have to bring that key to Spooky [[Special:MyLanguage/Sanctuary of Peace|Sanctuary of Peace]], sacrifice someone on the altar there after throwing the key, after which it will be usable to open the [[Special:MyLanguage/Zerbia DungeonDepths|Zerbia Lighthouse]].** The NPC was similar to the Christmas quest one, except this time around it's a skeleton and spoke similar to a pirate, referencing the Zerbia DungeonDepths.* The Sirus Slums were rebuilt at some point and the [[Alchemical Lab]] was added.
==Lore== <!--T:10-->
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