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|area=Coastal Desert City
|zombies=<font color="#f9e105">Medium</font>
|bandits=<font color="#f9e105">Medium</font>None (Below PvE Line)
|crafting= {{minezloot_yes}}|farm= {{minezloot_no}}|brewing= {{minezloot_no}}|civ_common= 1011|civ_tooltool_south= 5|food_common= 9|food_uncommon= {{minezloot_no}}|pots_commonpots_south= 4|pots_uncommon= {{minezloot_no}}|pots_rarepots_common= {{minezloot_no}}|mil_common= 89|mil_uncommon= 1|mil_rare= {{minezloot_no}}|mil_epic= {{minezloot_no}}
** 2 civ_common
* Lumber Mill
** 2 civ_tooltool_south
* House with Red and Black Flag
** 1 civ_common
* Restaurant
** 1 2 food_common
* Dock House
** 1 civ_tooltool_south
* Large Inn
** 3 civ_common
** 2 pots_commonpots_south** 1 civ_tooltool_south
* Tavern with Mast
** Tavern*** 2 mil_common*** 2 food_common** Mast*** 1 mil_uncommonmil_common
* Northernmost House
** 1 civ_common
* Coastal Longhouse
** 1 civ_tooltool_south
* Tavern with Slanting Roof
** 1 food_common
* House with Cobwebs
** 2 food_common
* Guillotine Stand
** 1 mil_common
* Eastern House with Cobwebs
** 2 food_common
* North-easternmost House
** 2 civ_common
* Dawn Brigade Cantina
** 2 food_common
** 2 pots_commonpots_south
* Tower with White and Black Flag
** 1 civ_common
* Two-Story House
** 1 mil_common
** 1 food_commonciv_common
* Easternmost Middle House
** 1 mil_common
* There are several crafting tables located throughout the town. One crafting table is located in the easternmost middle house at '''(-991, 68, 317)''', 2 crafting tables are located in the tavern with a slanting roof around '''(-1010, 67, 315)''', and several crafting tables are located in the Dawn Brigade cantina at '''(-997, 61, 279)'''.
* Many of the roofs in the Pravus can be climbed atop to be temporarily safe from [[Special:MyLanguage/MineZ Mobs#Zombies|zombies]].
* Pravus is the center of many minor locations in the desert, such as [[Special:MyLanguage/Ruins|Ruins]] and [[Special:MyLanguage/Desert Castles|Desert Castles]].
* Falling into the canals is dangerous, as there will most likely be cobwebs and zombies there.
* You may parkour onto the roof of the large Northern building, to be safe from zombies by using the wood pile or hay bales. This is also how you get the mil_uncommon mil_common on the mastof the tavern.
* This town is not the best place to gather supplies for heading north as there are many players looking for loot. It is recommend to head to [[Special:MyLanguage/Grimdale|Grimdale]] or [[Special:MyLanguage/Portsmouth|Portsmouth]].
* If you decide to stay, gear up and head to [[Special:MyLanguage/Yawpton|Yawpton]] for military supplies.
* The Shifty Bar is the HQ for the Dawn Brigade, owned by Meifot and operated by connor564.
==Lore== <!--T:10-->
* There is a [[Special:MyLanguage/Lore|Lore Block]] located inside the tavern with a mast at '''(-1040, 67, 272)''':
==Gallery=Lore Block=== <!--T:1012-->
</translate>{{loreblock|lore=Originally a trader's quay on the shipping lane of Portsmouth, the accumulation of sunken ships due to rough seas littered the surrounding waterfront. As waterlogged hulls were pulled ashore, several were still intact enough to begin refurbishing into living spaces.<br></br>Pravus grew in fame as the only successful town to weather the harsh arid climate of this desert and quickly became the perfect stop for travelers looking to cross the continent.<br></br>As the virus began to roll over the land, Pravus quickly fell, having no defenses to keep the dead at bay. This coastal city was lost to the plague, being little more than a momentary pause for the superhorde that approached the capital city, Grimdale.}}<translate> ==Gallery== <!--T:1113--> <!--T:14-->
<gallery widths="250" perrow="4">
File:Pravus_Christmas2017.png|Pravus on Christmas 2017 along with [[Special:MyLanguage/North Pole#Starting-Point|The King of Red Lions]]
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