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'''Mount Longton''' is a massive fortress sat sitting on top of 2 two hills. The towers contain military loot, especially armor and weapons. The higher gear spawns in the collapsed tower, dining hall watchtowers, the highest tower of the fortress, and the crane.You can enter Enter this location through the Southern gate or a ditch located at the bottom of the Northern watchtower, near the dining hall.
|zombies=<font color="#f9e105">Medium</font>
|bandits=<font color="##99cc00">Low</font>
|water= {{minezloot_yes}}
|crafting= {{minezloot_yes}}
|farm= {{minezloot_no}}
|brewing= {{minezloot_no}}
|civ_common= 3
|civ_toolciv_uncommon= 2|food_common= 3|food_uncommon= {{minezloot_no}}|pots_common= {{minezloot_no}}|pots_uncommon= {{minezloot_no}}|pots_rare= {{minezloot_no}}4
|mil_common= 6
|mil_uncommon= 6|mil_rare= 1|mil_epic= {{minezloot_no}}7
==Loot Chests== <!--T:3-->
==Loot Chests== <!--T:4--> <!--T:5-->
**Broken Tower
***1 mil_uncommonmil_common
*Main Fortress
***2 mil_common
**Small Hut
***1 civ_toolciv_uncommon
**Tall Tower
***1 mil_common
***1 mil_uncommon
****1 mil_raremil_uncommon
*Drawbridge Fortress
**Pumpkin Hut
***1 civ_toolfood_common***1 civ_uncommon
**Drawbridge Gatehouse
***1 civ_common
***1 mil_commonmil_uncommon
**Dining Hall
***2 civ_common
**Dining Hall Watchtowers
***4 mil_uncommon (1 each)
==Travel Advisory/Warnings== <!--T:6-->
*The crafting table is located in the drawbridge fortress, inside the pumpkin hut.
*This is a good place to stock up on military gear, as well as get a bit of civ, civilian loot and food, and tool loot.
*Getting the mil rare requires taking a considerable amount of fall damage afterwards or multiple grapple uses.
*If you in need of potions, [[Special:MyLanguage/Grandfather's Curse|Grandfather's Curse]] is to the Southwest. 
==Trivia== <!--T:8-->
*This location used to have around 2 mil_rares and some civilian chests before it was nerfed with the Secret Project Update.
*The head of the builder, Tannatron, can be found on the lake, inside the waterfall.
==Lore== <!--T:10-->
* The two [[Special:MyLanguage/Lore|Lore Book]]s here are pretty consistent with the decay and current state of the location:
===Captain's Log - Captain Willis=== <!--T:12-->
{{wikiquote|quote=Captain's Log, Day 12
Lord Longton has still not recovered from his illness, yet we've heard reports of the dead rampaging across the region. We've held so far, but I've ordered my men to set up a makeshift barricade at the gate, should we need to defend this place further. I fear we may be in for a seigesiege...
Captain's Log, Day 18 <br>
The mission is fruitless. Longton is dying, and my men have all but taken arms against me. I refuse to order the rest of them to die. A few of us have taken turns digging through the northern watchtower, and we're nearly to the bottom of the cliff. Before we leave, I'm going to get those men out of the garrison, if it's the last thing I do.}}
===Longton's Diary - Lord=== <!--T:13-->
<The page is covered in incoherent rambling about mutiny, along with blood spatters>}}
==Gallery== <!--T:14-->

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