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[[File:Medusa_lake.jpg|500x375px|thumb|right|Overview of the lake]]
'''Medusa Lake''' is a small, swamp-like lake town in the middle of the [[Special:MyLanguage/Cave System|Cave System]]. It has a few shelters and streams surrounding it. A cave at the bottom of the lake leads to a crafting table. The loot is mainly entirely high tier military loot, making it a great place to camp for iron armor. There are several [[Special:MyLanguage/MineZ Mobs#Zombies|Zombie]] and [[Special:MyLanguage/MineZ Mobs#Zombie Pigmen|Zombie Pigman]] spawners in the area, making it a very dangerous location. [[Special:MyLanguage/Serpent's Hold|Serpent's Hold]], a mini-dungeon that is part of the Emerald Quest, can be found on the south side of this location. The town is relatively easy to enter, but exiting can be quite hard with the parkour, zombie spawners and cobwebs in the entrance tunnel.
|x= 600
|z= -1800
|area= Overgrown Lake Village N/A
|zombies= <font color="#d41202">Very High</font> - [[Special:MyLanguage/MineZ Mobs#Zombies|Zombie]] & [[Special:MyLanguage/MineZ Mobs#Zombie Pigmen|Zombie Pigman]] Spawners
|chests= 1917
|buildings= 6
|graves= None
|bandits= <font color="##99cc00fc5202">LowHigh</font>
|water= {{minezloot_yes}}
|crafting= {{minezloot_yes}}
|farm= {{minezloot_no}}
|brewing= {{minezloot_yes}}
|civ_common= {{minezloot_no}}|civ_tool= {{minezloot_no}}|food_commonmil_epic= {{minezloot_no}}12|food_uncommon= {{minezloot_no}}|pots_common= {{minezloot_no}}|pots_uncommon= {{minezloot_no}}|pots_rare= 1?|mil_common= {{minezloot_no}}|mil_uncommon= {{minezloot_no}}|mil_rare= 2?|mil_epicmil_mythic= 13?5
==Loot Chests== <!--T:3-->
==Loot Chests== <!--T:4--> <!--T:5-->
* Entrance Bridge
** 1 mil_raremil_epic
* Northeastern Shelter
** 2 mil_epic
* Northern Shelter
** 1 mil_epicmil_mythic
* Western Shelter
** 1 mil_mythic
* Northwestern Waterfall
** 2 mil_epic
* Top of Northwestern Waterfall Caves** 4 1 mil_epic
* Northwestern Lake Cave
** 1 2 mil_epic* Top of Northeastern Lake Waterfall** 1 mil_mythic* CaveOpposite of Dock
** 1 mil_epic
* Lake Dock
** 1 mil_epic
* Cave Above Dock
** 3 ???2 mil_mythic
* Statue Area
** 1 2 mil_epic** 1 mil_rare* Parkour Cave** 1 pots_rare
==Travel Advisory/Warnings== <!--T:5-->
==Travel Advisory/Warnings== <!--T:6-->* Riftus is the easiest place to find a bandage from here. Simply leave Medusa Lake and turn right and walk a few blocks.<!--T:7-->* The crafting table is located in the cave opposite the dock.* The western house shelter has brewing stands. Beware when brewing here; A zombie pigman spawner is placed right next to the stands!* It is absolutely not worth highly recommended to play in version 1.13+ when coming here. Fast swimming makes navigating the risk as it has lakes and waterfalls much easier and safer.* It is highly recommended to bring snowballs. Even if the pigmen are outran on the way in, there is a Zombie Pigman spawner right next to themgood chance they will spawn on top of the player on the way out.* There are a lot of cobwebs in this location. You should use Use grenades whenever needed to clear off paths.** Some jumps to exit the town are made harder by the cobwebs. Use some grenades if you can spare them.
* There are zombie pigman spawners located under all the wither skeleton skulls. Zombie spawners are mostly placed around or close to chests.
* The crafting table is two chests located in a the cave at above the bottom of dock necessitate some hefty parkour from the lake, opposite cave atop the docknorthwest waterfall.* It is recommended to re-log if you're planning on leaving can be cheesed with a grapple, but beware falling onto the town. Many zombie pigmen spawn on the walkway dock and you'd most likely trying to get through, even with iron armortaking big damage.* Getting into the northern shelter is not advised as it requires a hard jump Many players frequent Medusa Lake to get back out and theregear at Serpent's a zombie pigman spawner outisde Hold, the house.* To get the 2 chests located in the cave above the dock you have to go to the 1x1 waterfall and parkour on some leaves. After that you'll have to jump onto some vines and do vine parkour.* An easy way mini-dungeon to dispose of zombies on the higher levels right of the lake is to simply knock them into the waterstatue.* It is not recommended to jump into the lake, as both zombies and mostly zombie pigmen can easily jump down and chase you without dying.* Staying on waterfalls If a bandit is recommended only if you're not being chased. If you're being chasedspotted here, [[Special:MyLanguage/MineZ Mobs|mobs]] can very easily swim up one of the waterfalls and bow down at them, or enter Serpent's Hold and find a hiding place to /logout in the area
==Trivia== <!--T:87-->
<!--T:98-->* This town was rebuilt a month after the Re-Code Update was released. Moving through the town , in general , is much harder, and the loot is more spread out.
* This town used to be littered with Zombie Pigman spawners, making it one of the most dangerous places in [[Special:MyLanguage/MineZ|MineZ]], but they were removed as of 15th of August 2015. They were added back for the Re-Code Update and the subsequent rebuild.
* The town is actually based on a really deadly lake found in Africa. More information about this strange lake can be found [ here].
* The original location was a build submission built by Miner_roy, the same person behind [[Special:MyLanguage/Septus|Septus]] and [[Special:MyLanguage/Fort Saward|Fort Saward]]. The link to the Shotbow thread can be found [ here].
* Being a dangerous, out-of-the-way town sporting no unique loot and less than 20 chests, Medusa lake was so barren of player activity that attempting to gear there became a running joke in the MineZ community.
** The April 2021 Spring Cleaning Update (3.9.0) spontaneously changed this with the addition of the Serpent's Hold area.
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