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[[File:FrostineFVANew.jpgpng|500x375px|thumb|right|The house and entrance to the tree farm]]
'''Frostine Valley Acres''' is a location that was added in the Christmas 2013 Update and kept since then. The area has Acres is composed of a lumber tree farm and it has a crafting table located inside the house. This location used to have Christmas decorations, but they have been removed.  It was redecorated following the release of the Winter 2018 dungeon. This location was the exit point of the 2020 Christmas dungeon, which launched players high into the air in the chimney. Frostine is rarely visited but has decent food and civilian chests, as well as high-tier military chests on the trees.
|x= 930
|z= -1300
|area= Tree FarmN/A
|zombies= <font color="##99cc00">Low</font>
|chests= 213
|buildings= 1
|graves= None
|bandits= <font color="#339966">Very Low</font>
</translate>{{minezlootminezlootorigins|water=<font color="#a59e13">Limited</font><br> 3 6 Water Refills
|crafting= {{minezloot_yes}}
|tool_uncommon= 3
|food_uncommon= 2
|mil_epic= 8
|farm= {{minezloot_no}}
|brewing= {{minezloot_no}}
|civ_common= {{minezloot_no}}
|civ_tool= 1
|food_common= {{minezloot_no}}
|food_uncommon= 1
|pots_common= {{minezloot_no}}
|pots_uncommon= {{minezloot_no}}
|pots_rare= {{minezloot_no}}
|mil_common= {{minezloot_no}}
|mil_uncommon= {{minezloot_no}}
|mil_rare= {{minezloot_no}}
|mil_epic= {{minezloot_no}}
==Loot Chests== <!--T:3-->
==Loot Chests== <!--T:4-->* House** 2 food_uncommon
<!--T:5-->* House** 1 food_uncommonTrees** 1 civ_tool8 mil_epic
* Tree Farm
** 3 tool_uncommon
==Travel Advisory/Warnings== <!--T:65-->
<!--T:76-->* Beware when leaving the house, as you could encounter wolves or zombies could be waiting outside. If so, you can run to the trees in the Tree Farm, parkour somewhere , and dispose of them from a safe distance.
* There are two cauldrons with water inside the house, on the first floor. They have 3 water refills in total.
* You can parkour Parkour up the trees, but there is nothing on to loot mil_epics at the top of them.
* Bring plenty of water while coming here since there isn't a close water source nearby, except for the cauldron inside the house.
* The crafting table at this location makes it a good stop to craft [[Special:MyLanguage/food|food]] before heading to [[Special:MyLanguage/Ravine|Ravine]] or [[Special:MyLanguage/Sirus|Sirus]].
* At best this location has only passable lootIt might be worth it to stay here for a while, as the high number of tool_uncommon can spawn buttons and long stays aren't recommendedeven a bag.
==Trivia== <!--T:7-->
==Trivia== <!--T:8--> <!--T:9-->
* At one point, this location had no chests. They were added back in mid-2017.
* The house was rebuilt for Christmas 2018, and it is way larger.
* The decorative heads of the Christmas 2013 version that were next to the present near the Christmas Tree Farm were ''SlenderMan'' heads.
*During the release of the Winter 2018 dungeon, the main building was redecorated and enlarged. It features the exit to the 2018 Winter dungeon, which is underneath an iron trapdoorin the basement. There is a brewing stand inside, which is unreachable.
==Gallery== <!--T:9-->
==Gallery== <!--T:10--> <!--T:11-->
<gallery widths="250" perrow="4">
File:Frostine.jpg|A view of the house and farmChristmastreefarm2013.png|The Christmas Tree FarmFile:Frostinevalleyacres.png|The old house and tree farm
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