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[[File:Death_MansionDeathmansion.pngjpg|500x375px|thumb|right|The Mansion as seen from the entrance]]
'''Death Mansion''' is a large building located up north near [[Special:MyLanguage/Anemos Sanctum|Anemos Sanctum]]. It is recommended to rush in through the entrance and go right inside the mansion as there are quite a few zombie spawners in this location.
|zombies=<font color="#d41202">Very High</font> - [[Special:MyLanguage/MineZ Mobs#Zombies|Zombie]] Spawners
|bandits=<font color="##99cc00">Low</font>
</translate>{{minezloot|water={{minezloot_no}}<translate><!--T:3-->|crafting= {{minezloot_no}}|farm= {{minezloot_no}}|brewing= {{minezloot_no}}|civ_common= {{minezloot_no}}|civ_tool= {{minezloot_no}}|food_common= {{minezloot_no}}|food_uncommon= {{minezloot_no}}|pots_common= {{minezloot_no}}|pots_uncommon= {{minezloot_no}}minezlootorigins|pots_rare= 4|mil_common= {{minezloot_no}}|mil_uncommon= {{minezloot_no}}2|mil_rare= 21
|mil_epic= 4
|mil_mythic= 3
|room_high= 2
==Loot Chests== <!--T:3-->
==Loot Chests== <!--T:4--> <!--T:5-->* Eastern Tent** 1 mil_rare* Western Tent** 1 mil_rare
* Main Floor
** 2 mil_epic
* First Floor Iron Door Room (Button requiredRequired)** 4 pots_rare 2 pot_rare* Second * 2 room_high* Top Floor** 3 mil_epic* Basement
** 2 mil_epic
==Travel Advisory/Warnings== <!--T:5-->
==Travel Advisory/Warnings== <!--T:6--> <!--T:7-->* There are extremely active zombie spawners at the front entrance, behind the obsidian blocks. Watch your back!* There are a other zombie spawners located under the chests on by the main flooriron door room.* To get a Secret Room you must go to the east, away from the netherrack torches (the one close to the entrance), jump into north. Over the 4th block of lava and press a button hidden under the lava. Then, a hole there will appear under the Eastern tentbe fire particles. Jump down the hole there and get to the chest.
* Make sure you get lots of potions/bandages before attempting to get the secret chest.
==Lore== <!--T:8-->
===Lore Book=== <!--T:9-->* There are a couple of [[Special:MyLanguage/Lore|Lore Books]] here documenting how the mansion got its red coloring.* Professor Markov is a reference to Andrey Markov, a russian mathematician who researched in probability theories, known mostly for his stochastic process theory.
* The [[Lore|Lore Book]] is located in the basement, hovering above a strange structure:
===Scribbled Notes =Strange Note - Professor MarkovUnknown Specimen==== <!--T:1011-->
Sheet 1<brfont color="red"><font color="darkred">'''B'''</font>At last, Iorn '''ve discovered the secrets to the cosmos! In <font color="darkred">A portable hole that leads to a pocket dimension. Does Consilio even know what this could mean? Endless energy, instant travel, limitless wealth! Sure, there</font> Land We Do No''s a bit of interdimensional leaking (some of my walls might be turning a nasty shade of maroon), but it's a small price to pay for such power!t Control<br>Sheet 2Caressing <font color="darkred">Th</font>ings W<font color="darkred">e</font> D<brfont color="darkred">o N</font>ot Unders<font color="darkred">t</font>I've actually come to like the new bricks in my abode. For awhile I thought the red would look tacky, but now the entire place is red and it befits the hue of the portal. I should start inviting more people to see the project.<br>Sheet 3Our Love Lingers T<font color="darkred">h<br/font>e Violence Ris<font color="darkred">e</font>MuSt geT More MEat eAt More BUIld WalL NEeds MORe HEat tO STOp ATTACK}}s<translatebr>
for our <font color="darkred">wa</font>ll s are <font color="darkred">ve</font>r y mu '''ch al'''l<br>
===Scrawled Letter - Professor Sukesh (Button Required)=== r e d<!--T:11--br>
</translatefont>{{wikiquote|quote=Professor Markov has gone completely mad. He invited me over to show off his newest discovery, but when I arrived, Markov barely looked human. I managed to knock him unconscious, but his entire genetic structure looks different, alien. I'm ordering a quarantine of his manor (or what's left of it), and transporting him to Castle Byesford. The labs over there could find a way to reverse this... transformation.
==Gallery== <!--T:12-->
<gallery widths="250" perrow="1">
Death_Mansion.png|Old Death Manison
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