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<p style="text-align:center"><span style="color:#00ffff">'''You are destruction.'''</span></p>
<p style="text-align:center"><span style="color:#00ffff">An expert in controlled demolitions, you are responsible for the destruction of enemy defenses. <br>Use your varying sizes of Bunker Busters to breach a wall or decimate an enemy base! <br>If you are killed, have the last laugh with Martyrdom.</span></p>
<span style="color:#00ff00">Purchase for '''2015,000 XP'''</span>
The '''Engineer''' spawns with a stone sword, TNT and a blaze rod titled 'Evertool'.
 === Bunker Buster ===You can left-click the TNT your Bunker Buster to change the size of the TNT, there its explosion. There are three different sizes , each with increasing explosion radius and fuse time:
* Dynamite : 1.7 radius / 19 millisecond fuse
* C4 : 3.5 radius / 6 second fuse
* Nuke : 5 radius / 10 second fuse
 Unlike vanilla Minecraft TNT, the Engineer's TNT makes a very loud hissing noise and emits particles while its fuse is lit. Your TNT will only blow up enemy -placed blocks, not teammate -placed or naturally occurringblocks. Enemies can defuse your TNT by right clicking on it, this action which is instant. This means that while a Nuke will do more damage, it will be easier for enemies to defuse. Each level Regardless of your chosen size, the TNT has a 30-second cooldown . Delay blocks will instantly defuse C4 and Nuke when the TNT is placed, will make a loud hissing noise as well as lots within 5 blocks of particles; very noticeablethem.
=== Martyrdom ===
When you die you will explode, dealing 1 true damage to any nearby enemies.
Your === Evertool ===Upon looking at a block and mining it with your Evertool, it will change into the tool required to break the block that you interact with're mining. The Evertool can transform into most stone tools, including shears. This tool will never break. The Evertool will not cannot transform into a sword, this which is intended as the delay between switching would be too great in a PvP situation. 
===<span style="color:#00ff00">Pros</span>=== <!--T:10-->
* Destroy The Engineer can destroy enemy walls will with ease using the its Bunker Buster.
* The Evertool can break nearly every block type, even wool, making it great for taking down bridges or clearing leaves en masse.
* The Evertool is great for tunneling into enemy land as well as getting out of swapper [[Swapper]] traps.* The Engineer receives a reduced is not as affected by the mining fatigue from the [[Builder]]'s delaying blocks.* Martyrdom is a nice plusand can sometimes finish off enemies
===<span style="color:#ff0000">Cons</span>=== <!--T:12-->
* TNT makes sound and can be defused by enemies.
* The [[Builder]]'s delaying blocks will highlight any placed TNT within their radius, letting enemies easily defuse them.* Enemies can hear you breaking blocks if you are tunneling beneath them.* Delay Blocks will defuse C4 and Nuke if placed too close to them.
==Tips & Tactics== <!--T:14-->
* Rush enemy bases and make holes in their walls for your teammates to rush through.* Use the Evertool to break down enemy bridges and leaves where wherever possible.* Was your middle griefed? Goldmine filled with blocks by the enemy? Use your TNT to quickly get rid of any obstructions built by enemies. * With your Evertool you can tunnel underground for an extended period of time without worrying about tool durability.* Placing your TNT underground can be an effective strategy as it can obscure its particles from enemies and make it harder for them to get to the TNT. The C4 and Nuke settings are powerful enough to destroy blocks above ground even when placed below.* When you place your TNT, try as hard as possible to make it difficult for your enemies to defuse it. You can do this by placing blocks, placing your TNT underground, etc.* Your TNT is affected by gravity, but resets cannot explode while falling. It only starts its timer whenever fuse when it lands on a block. This also means placing your TNT onto cobwebs will not make it explode until it fallsthrough.
==Video Review== <!--T:16-->
Parts of this review are now out of date! [ '''Engineer - English''']

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