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[[File:CoastalMap.png|250px|thumb|right|Overview of Coastal, as seen from the top]]
Also, there are anvils in the waterfall of the red and blue team.
The Ender Furnace is located in the closest of the wool stalls near the Nexus Tower.
 * Go [[Special:MyLanguage/Miner|Miner]], get yourself 1 stack of gold and smelt it in your Ender Furnace. Change to [[Special:MyLanguage/Assassin|Assassin]] and craft a golden pickaxe. If you're all set, you can sneak into an enemy base and do some serious damage.* Start with Miner and mine enough iron for a full set. Change to [[Special:MyLanguage/Enchanter|Enchanter]] and get yourself level 30. Enchant a bow, sword or a pickaxe. When you're geared up, change class to Acrobat or Iceman and try to dominate mid.* Start with [[Special:MyLanguage/Lumberjack|Lumberjack]] and destroy the bridges that connect the towers. Try to flatten your base and change to [[Special:MyLanguage/Builder|Builder]] to make a wall to make it harder for the enemies to get into your base. 
* The map is pretty flat, so a mobility class can come in very handy!
* Coastal has a lot of water, take that advantage and go with Iceman.
* If your nexus is under attack by players with heavy gear. Try to go in with Immobilizer, Mercenary or Warrior.
* Jackelofhell
* xxsaundersxx
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