SMASH White Chapel

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This map no longer exists. The page is being kept in case of return and for historical purposes.

White Chapel
Players: 12
Spawnpoints: 12
Size: Extra Large
Space: Closed
Dimensions: L 38 W 71 H 30

White Chapel belongs to one of the largest map in SMASH, just like Cathedral it can hold up to 12 people. White Chapel is one of the original two hidden maps. Battles in White Chapel can take a lot of time because of the closed area but often the floor will eventually break by explosive items which makes this a really hard map to fight in.



Spawnpoints are indicated with red (outside), blue (top inside) and yellow (bottom inside) dots.


  • Make sure you keep an eye on everyone, some players camp on the roof.
  • The floor is one block thick, if you are good at doing parkour try to break the floor to make it harder for your opponents to survive.


  • White Chapel along with Beatbox were the first two maps that were hidden in the Lobby.