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This map no longer exists. The page is being kept in case of return and for historical purposes.

The Ship
Players: 6
Spawnpoints: 6
Size: Medium
Space: Open
Dimensions: L 71 W 26 H 36

Well known for constantly being on fire, The Ship is one of the more 'interesting' maps to play on. Battles are generally split into four different levels: right at the top, in the 'captains quarters', on the main deck and the level below it. One fire flower can be devastating on this map, as it is almost entirely made out of wood. Fortunately, the bottom of the map has a stone layer underneath the wood, meaning that it's difficult to plummet to your death like other maps. Despite its fire damage, The Ship can be quite fun to play on, provided you have a sense of humour anyway.



Spawnpoints are indicated with red (outside), blue (top inside) and yellow (bottom inside) dots.


  • The Ship is a good map to throw people of the map because it is pretty narrow.


  • The Ship was often burned down before the match even started. This got fixed when firespread was nerfed.
  • This map used to be an 8 player map before the May 2014 update.