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This map no longer exists. The page is being kept in case of return and for historical purposes.

The Cube
Players: 8
Spawnpoints: 8
Size: Large
Space: Closed
Dimensions: L 45 W 45 H 45

The Cube is a large cube which consist out of 27 equal rooms. Attempting to go up a floor is difficult due to the double-jump not jumping quite high enough. Staying in the center room of the map is recommended because of the two-block thick walls and rooms surrounding it. This map was added in the May 2014 update.



Spawnpoints are indicated with red dots.


  • Try to throw people through the holes in the sides of the cube.


  • This is a community map created by lavenouschaos.
  • This map was inspired by the movie 'The Cube' (1997).
  • This map was added in the May 2014 update.