SMASH Stonehold

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This sandstone vault is made to keep things from getting out, not in.
Players: 4
Spawnpoints: 4
Size: Small
Space: Closed
Dimensions: L 29 W 29 H 18

An incredibly small and condensed map, Stonehold offers tense and often quite quick matches. The map is also made largely of wood, meaning that one fire flower can screw you over in a matter of seconds. The best way to kill someone on this map is to 'stack punches' on them until the terrain behind them breaks, sending them flying. There is also a large hole in the middle that you should look out for, especially when one grenade is all it takes to remove every block down there. The top of the map offers something of a safe haven from the chaos below, though don't expect to stay up there for long, as battles more often than not come down to two players fighting each other, and the other two doing the same, rather than one big group. The top is also quite safe despite most peoples initial impressions, as the stone walls will protect you from being hit too far.



Spawnpoints are indicated with red dots.


  • Stonehold often ends up with a lot of holes, make sure you are good in jumping and maneuvering.
  • In each corner of Stonehold are pressure plates which will active dispensers that throw splash potions of poison into the lower area.


  • Splash potions of poison are only available in Stonehold by breaking the dispensers in the lower area.