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There is no better place in town to get a nice bowl of steaming mushroom soup.
Shroom Kingdom
Players: 8
Spawnpoints: 8
Size: Large
Space: Open
Dimensions: L 87 W 123 H 116

Comparable to Ruins, Shroom Kingdom is one of the most open maps you'll find. With many islands to be found, all connected by dangerous iron walkways, Shroom Kingdom can make for some interesting battles. However, despite its large and open terrain, you'll find that most of the action happens in the building located on the lowest island, as it offers more cover than a mushroom would. In fact, it's relatively rare that you'll find yourself fighting someone away from that area. Despite what you would think, getting knocked off on this map is actually relatively difficult, as almost all of the islands are quite large, enabling you to jump back with relative ease should you be knocked off. Shroom Kingdom is also quite a nice looking map, though the amount of mushrooms scattering the area could cause you to think otherwise.



Spawnpoints are indicated with red (outside) and blue (inside) dots.


  • There are stairs inside the two towers east of the map that will take you to the roof, it is an easy way to get out if you are pinned down.


  • Shroom Kingdom is inspired by the Super Smash Bros stage called Mushroom Kingdom.