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These beautiful Ruins were left by those of a far more advanced society.
Players: 5
Spawnpoints: 5
Size: Large
Space: Open
Dimensions: L 96 W 161 H 106

Ruins is a very large map with many intersecting islands, it is very easy to get knocked off at low damages. However, you'll find that most of the battling happens in the massive tower located right in the middle of the map, as it is a lot safer there than anywhere else. To get between the islands, you have to either traverse iron 'chains', climb up trees, jump over broken bridges or simply leap between them yourself. A very architectural map, it is a fantastic sight to see, and is probably the best looking map of the bunch.



Spawnpoints are indicated with red (outside) and blue (inside) dots.


  • Ruins is a very large map, make sure you often run around to search for items or campers.
  • People often camp on top of the center building, it is useful to know your way around it in order to get them. You can get on the roof by using the water stream on the western island and by doing a bit of parkour.
  • Try to avoid the tree in the southern area of the map. It is hard to get back to the rest of the map and you are an easy target there.


  • Ruins is one of the original six maps.
  • There is a secret passage on the main island below the western bridge. There used to be a sign there but it is unknown what it said.
  • This map used to be an 8 player map before the May 2014 update.
  • At the moment Ruins is the only map, which supports an unpaired maximum amount of players.