SMASH Research Lab

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Rumor has it this lab is for testing Lazers, it’s only a rumor though.
Research Lab
Players: 4
Spawnpoints: 4
Size: Large
Space: Closed
Dimensions: L 81 W 64 H 23

Among the largest maps, Research Lab is well known for its incredibly long-lasting battles and minimalist architecture. The general layout of the map consists of two large squares connected by three bridges, two of which have their own little islands to go to, though it is not advised. You'll find that most of the battling happens in the two squares, rather than the bridges. More often than not you'll find yourself chasing players on the bridges, then actually fighting in the squares. Fighting someone on the bridges is quite a rare occurence. Research Lab is also known for its high item spawns, keeping the battles interesting despite their length. This map is not particularly loved, but neither is it hated, as it offers a balance between difficulty and an atmosphere of fun.



Spawnpoints are indicated with red (outside) and blue (inside) dots.


  • Try to SMASH or throw people of the bridges when they are high on damage.


  • This map used to be an 8 player map before the May 2014 update.
  • This map is created by lazertester