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Watch your step and bring a coat!
Players: 4
Spawnpoints: 4
Size: Small
Space: Open
Dimensions: L 38 W 36 H 37

Ice was unavailable for over a year, due to popular demand it made its return in the May 2014 update and you can still play on it! The map is very open, and requires skilled movement to get around. Matches tend to be very short here, and often end to movement failures.



Spawnpoints are indicated with red dots.


  • Have people follow you over the holes in the center as they often fall in.
  • Use the inside of the hills as dodging spots for projectile attacks.


  • Ice is one of the original six maps, it was unavailable for over a year but reintroduced in the May 2014 update.
  • This map used to be a 10 player map before the May 2014 update.
  • When Ice was unavailable it could still be reached by flying northeast of Fortress.