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Players: 25
Spawnpoints: A Lot
Size: Super Large
Space: Open
Dimensions: R 51 H 88

A very scaled up version of the normal map Arena that is the basis for epic battles. Averaging around 7+ contenders per game when an event is hosted (or a Media Partner wishes to play a game here) there is an abundance of chaos. Most of the same strategies for this map parallel the normal-sized Arena, as staying in the middle is a good strategy for staying alive. But on occasion, a special item may be thrown into the mix by a Staff member which acts as a singularity but on a grand scale. Otherwise, to get kills and score high on the leaderboards, it is recommended that you patrol the outer edges and Smash players off.



Spawnpoints are indicated with red dots.


  • Try to stay in the center circle to avoid being knocked off the map.
  • It is possible to get on top of the pillars with a jetpack, endereye or the knockback of an explosion. Watch out for arrows though.
  • Try to knock people off the map when they are on the outer ring.
  • With a bit skill you can throw people into the many pools of lava scattered throughout the map.


  • Arena Media is significantly larger than its normal counterpart.
  • Created by Kingey