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You are the justice.

Use your bow of justice to kill all enemies and the bow will level up!

Class Information

Purchase for 15,000 XP

Robin Hood spawns with a bow of justice, 32 arrows and permanent Weakness I. The 'Bow of Justice' will level up from killing certain amounts of enemies, but only when killed using a bow. Upon hitting a shot, there is also a 60% chance of getting the arrow back. The tiers of the 'Bow of Justice' are as following.

(NOTE: high-lighted in blue are the enchants you receive on your bow as you go up a tier)

  • Tier 0 : 0 Kills = Power 1, Unbreaking X
  • Tier 1 : 2 Kills = Power 2, Unbreaking X
  • Tier 2 : 4 Kills = Power 2, Punch 1, Unbreaking X
  • Tier 3 : 8 Kills = Power 3, Punch 1, Unbreaking X
  • Tier 4 : 16 Kills = Power 3, Punch 2, Unbreaking X
  • Tier 5 : 21 Kills = Power 3, Punch 2, Flame, Unbreaking X
  • Tier 6 : 30 Kills = Power 4, Punch 2, Flame, Unbreaking X
  • Tier 7 : 40 Kills = Power 4, Punch 2, Flame, Infinity, Unbreaking X

Death will remove 1 tier from the bow of justice. You will not lose any tiers on class change or disconnection, however, dying on other classes will still remove 1 tier from Robin Hood.


  • Any bow used that kills an enemy will level up the 'Bow of Justice'.
  • The 'Bow of Justice' can become extremely powerful.
  • Arrow recall ability rewards an accurate player by significantly increasing their effective arrow amount.


  • Death removes a tier from the bow.
  • Huge kill requirement for upgrades.
  • Enemies killed by the fire damage from your bow, from being knocked by your bow and dying from fall damage or by your sword will not count towards the kill count for the 'Bow of Justice'.
  • Weakness restricts combat capabilities.

Tips & Tactics

  • Stand behind your allies and let them take most of the damage while you fire arrows from the back.
  • In the early tiers, kill stealing is the most effective strategy for leveling the Bow of Justice for the long term.
  • Much like with Archer, you can craft spectral arrows with glowstone to make it easier to aim your shots.
  • Killing with any bow can rank up the Bow of Justice. Therefore, you can grab Robin Hood and use an already powerful bow to rank it up faster in order to gain a safety net in case of emergency.

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