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You are the traveller.

Interdimensional travel is a cakewalk for you. You have the ability to teleport to any teammates not near an enemy Nexus and bring up to 2 other allies with you. You'll be weak after rifting.

Class Information

Purchase for 15,000 XP

The Rift Walker starts with basic tools and a blaze rod to open rifts.

You can right-click the rod to bring up a list of all your teammates, a teleport to all enemy territories, plus a bed for your base. You can click on one of them to start a 10 second countdown to the teleport. You cannot teleport to a teammate that is near any nexus, invisible, or vanished (Spy). The area around the rift walker will have green particles, which is the rift area. The rift walker cannot leave it during the countdown or else the rift will be canceled.

Once the countdown is done the teleport will happen, and everyone will get weakness 2 for 5 seconds.

Once a successful teleport happens there is a cooldown of 20 seconds X the number of people transported before you can open another rift. Maximum 4 players, including yourself.


  • Able to bring people to a location without the use of a Transporter having to run and set a teleporter.
  • Able to get back to base from any location.
  • Able to teleport to enemy lands to reduce travel time.


  • Weakness after teleporting.
  • Long cooldown when moving multiple people.

Tips & Tactics

  • Make a teammate run to enemy land as a mobility class before bringing your friends in, reducing the risk of everyone dying before reaching a nexus.
  • Use the class to quickly get in and out of situations. A teammate needs help at enemy terrority? Rift to the teammate in question and rift back to your base.
  • Use riftwalker to get large groups of people near an enemy nexus and try to do some damage.

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