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You are the stealth.

Use your smoke bomb to blind your enemies in order to escape or them easy prey! Use your shurikens to keep the pressure up on fleeing enemies.

Class Information

Purchase for 15,000 XP

Including the basic tools, the Ninja spawns with a golden sword, 4 shuriken items (of which only 3 can be thrown), and a smoke bomb - which can be used every 40 seconds and when used has a 7 blocks radius. The smoke bomb can be right-clicked to be thrown and go off after 2 seconds, or left-clicked to be instantly cast, after that can blind and slow groups of players. Standing in the smoke also grants you speed II for the duration of the bomb. Shurikens can be used by aiming at your target with your cursor and right-clicking (2 second delay between each throw), with three projectiles thrown at a time for half a heart of damage each and dealing knockback, or left-clicking to throw three magic shurikens that will deal much less knockback, but will always inflict either slowness 1 for 3 seconds or poison 1 for 2 seconds. Shurikens are returned after 15 seconds from when one is thrown one at a time.


  • Smoke Bomb can be used instantly, making it possible to evade fights if the going gets tough.
  • Slowness can lock down players and blindness can prevent critical hits.
  • Shurikens can be used to control enemies with knockback or slowness and poison.


  • Shurikens have very low damage output and are difficult to confirm onto enemies.

Tips & Tactics

  • Stay in a group to support your teammates by blinding the enemies.
  • The Smoke Bomb is great for getting teammates out of trouble if they're in a fight
  • The Smoke Bomb can be used to quickly gain control over mid and mid bases by blinding your enemies to hide your numbers.
  • If you're using your Smoke Bomb on a specific target rather than a group of enemies, lead your projection so that they run into it; to account for the fuse.
  • Shurikens are great for knocking fleeing enemies into obstacles
  • Invading mines with Smoke Bomb has great potential since the slowness and anti-critical hit effect can prevent retaliation from Miners trying to survive.
  • Think of the Shurikens as arrows, acting as a mini bow-spam. They do minimal damage, but they deal knockback, slowing down anyone hit by them. Use them in the middle of a fight to turn a fight around.

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