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You are the end.

Some people like to move. The immobilizer doesn't. Stop an enemy dead in their tracks for 5 seconds.

Class Information

Purchase for 15,000 XP

With a right-click, you have the ability to completely immobilize an enemy player within a range of 6 blocks. Doing so will give Slowness and Jump Boost 120 (this stops all movement) for 4 seconds to each player, Mining Fatigue 2 for 5 seconds, and fall damage immunity to the target. While immobilized, you and the target can both drink potions, throw potions, or eat food.

On a left-click, apply an Area of Effect Slowness 3 on all enemies up to 5-blocks away.

There is a cooldown of 30 seconds per use.


  • Stuns enemies, leaving them open to attack from teammates.
  • Mining Fatigue can slow down nexus damage taken from the target.
  • Left-click allows solo plays.


  • Right-click stuns yourself, leaving you open to attacks.
  • You can miss left-click easily.

Tips & Tactics

  • When being rushed, look for the strongest attacker to immobilize and allow your teammates to catch up and dispose of them.
  • Assist your allies in the mines incase of mine rushes by immobilizing incoming attackers.
  • Immobilized enemies are the perfect candidates to splash damage/poison potions on.
  • Use left-click for easy escapes.

Video Review

Review is slightly outdated - being hit would make both players be mobile again. Immobilizer - English