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Icarus is one of the two original maps for Gold Rush (along with Valley), first shown in the open alpha weekend. The map consists of multiple floating ships. It has a large, singular, connected mine, small team bases, and two walls below deck, one on each side. It is very possible to fall into the void on this map. Unlike other maps, for you to defend your walls you must either take a long route or jump off the side of your base, making you lose a lot of health from fall damage in the process, making this map one of the harder ones to defend.


The side quest for Icarus involves collecting the feathers dropped from Seagulls (chickens) found floating down from the sky and bringing 10 of them to a villager. Whichever team has collected 10 feathers first has a barrage of unavoidable, undestructable cannonballs launched at the enemy base that deal decent damage to the Smelter. The damage done to the smelter does not increase per according to how many times the side quest has occurred.