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Values for items/upgrades
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The Shop in Gold Rush allows you to buy temporary items that disappear upon death. The shop starts at Tier 1, so it doesn't need to be built at the beginning of the game, and can be upgraded to Tier 3. Each tier unlocks more items. All items from previous tiers are still available once the shop is upgraded.

Shop Tier 1

This is the default tier. This tier has:

  • Health Splash 1's for 50 gold.
  • Speed drink potion 1's for 100 gold.
  • Slowness 1's for ?? gold.

Shop Tier 2

This tier can be obtained by upgrading the shop from Tier 1 from 1500 Gold. This shop unlocks:

  • Health splash 2's for 100 gold.
  • Speed drink potions 2's for 200 gold.
  • Poison splash ?'s for ?? gold.

Shop Tier 3

This tier can be obtained by upgrading the Tier 2 shop with ???? Gold. This shop unlocks:

  • Ender peal for 500 gold.
  • TNT for 500 gold.