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There are four classes in Gold Rush: Miner, Warrior, Rogue, and Archer.


The Miner class is the default class for Gold Rush and is for those who want to help the team win. This class starts off with very little defense but ends up with the third best defense. Miner also does the most damage to buildings and is the best for mining ore because of the fact that is has the best pickaxe in the game and because of it's lack of speed penalty while mining ore.


The Warrior class is for those who want to run in and take on enemies head-on. This class deals the most sword damage, has the best defense and is great for mine rushing.


The Rogue class is for those who want to sneak up on enemies and surprise attack them. This class deals less damage, but has the second best defense. It is a good class for mine rushing as the invisibility ability helps to mask an attack, denying the enemy a chance to see you and possibly escape.


The Archer is for those who like to sit back, but still deal heavy damage. This class has the worst defense, but makes up for it with a bow that deals more damage the further the arrow travels. It is great for open maps and defending rushes.