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This page is a translated version of the page Eillom and the translation is 85% complete.
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Eillomは自然の柱に支えられた高原からぶら下がっている町です。町の建物は部分的に壊れた木製の通路によってつながっており一番北側にある間に合わせの階段によって到達できます。下から町に出入りできるツタもまた複数あります。これはCamp Azaraから数百ブロックほどしか東に離れていません。 この町のlootは必ずしも最高ではありませんが、回復のポーションや食料に水、そしてその他の物資の存在のために最も頻繁に訪れられる場所の一つです。 長い間のプレイヤー不足の後、re codeアップデートはこのロケーションをAl Hasaの代替ロケーションとしてはるかに人気にしました。ゾンビ、プレイヤー、そして構造物の複数の穴はこのロケーションをマップ上で最も危険なものの一つにしています。有名なEillom Aleはここで発見できます。

General Information
Coordinates: (1650, -2200)
Location Message: Town
Number of Buildings: 6
Zombie Threat: Medium
Number of Chests: 16
Lootable Graves: 4
Risk of Bandits: Very High

Eillom Loot
Potion Drink Harming.gif Eillom Ale Chests 2


ノート: このリストは北から南です。

  • 北の洞窟
    • 1 food_uncommon
    • 1 mil_rare
  • 醸造所
    • 2 eillom_ale
  • 書房
    • 2 mil_rare
  • レストラン
    • 1 food_uncommon
  • 隠れ洞窟
    • 1 mil_epic
  • 南の洞窟
    • 1 civ_common
    • 1 mil_rare
    • 1 mil_rare
  • 教会
    • 2 pots_uncomnon
  • 墓地
    • 3 mil_uncommon


  • Below the town are two small ponds and a graveyard.
  • Sometimes (while on the ground by the cemetery), a Zombie Pigman can fall from above unexpectedly and kill you, so be incredibly careful.
  • Due to the largely broken walkways in between the houses, a visitor is exposed to the constant danger of falling down or being pushed by a zombie/player.
  • A popular stop on the way to the far north for many players and bandits.
  • Bandits and other players may attempt to push you off to secure the loot for themselves. However, they can also be pushed off.
  • You can enter by climbing to the top of the hill and climbing down the hole with vines.
  • You can exit by dropping in the ponds below the town but try not to land on the lily pads as you'd most likely die of fall damage.
  • There are many mushrooms of both types inside the graveyard.
  • High PvP area due to the health potions, food and other useful items.
  • If you have Feather Falling IV Boots equipped and you fall down one of the holes on the pathways, it is possible to survive but it will leave you at low health.
  • There's no crafting table here but you can go to Camp Azara which is some hundred blocks away to the west.
  • Most players come from south or west of the town, so keep an eye on the grounds there.
  • This is a great place to camp due to the variety of loot that can be found here. Though be careful as bandits commonly server hop here.
  • Eillom is famous for spawning the Eillom Ale, that gives players 3 hearts of instant damage and Nausea III in return for Jump Boost II.
  • The most direct and common point of entry is up the vines on the center pillar. If another player makes an appearance, this will be their likely spot to gain entry. Luckily, it is easily defended as players can be knocked off.
  • There is a secret cave with a military epic chest you can access by climbing on vines outside of the West window of the restaurant.


  • Eillom was changed for Halloween 2017. The graveyard had a button that, when clicked, would play the Spooky Scary Skeletons Theme followed by the message "Happy Halloween!". One of the recipes for Spooky Geuten was found here.
    • This location was readded for Halloween 2018. It, however, had no recipe this time.
  • The eastern cave with the mil_epic chest has a sign reading: "Pssh... Leave me alone in here....."
  • The build submission of this location originally had trees on it. It was a submission by IamMclovin. The submission can be seen here.