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Death By Void includes infinitely generating worlds that you can play on at your leisure. You can access it by hopping into the portal located near Mr. Void. Every time you enter, a new unique course is generated, and only you are playing on it.

General Information

  • This course is really infinite. It will continue until the point the universe ends, or until you die and quit!
  • You only have 3 lives so make each of them count.
  • There is NO time limit, so take all the time in the world trying to complete a piece; do not rush through it.
  • XP is given upon completion of multiples of 10 platforms (10, 20, 30, etc.).
  • There is an XP multiplier just for the DAY as you complete more and more infinite platforms. Tier I-V.
  • Infinite worlds can be customized even more by incorporating your disguise block!
  • No other players are in the same world allowing you to concentrate without someone rushing past you.
  • XP levels represents how many platforms that you have completed for that world!
  • As you are playing be sure to be on the lookout for the famous loot chests to unlock Disguise Blocks.
  • Loot chests will respawn further down the course as soon as the current one is claimed.


After you die in an infinite course, the number of platforms will be added to your total for the day, which will tier you up as you complete more. This tier will increase the XP you get for playing in the infinite world, as well as multiply the XP you get if you earn a medal in the daily course that day. The tiers can be achieved with the following:

  • Tier I - Given at the start of the day.
  • Tier II - Complete 100 infinite platforms. Gives a 2x multiplier.
  • Tier III - Complete 225 infinite platforms. Gives a 3x multiplier.
  • Tier IV - Complete 375 infinite platforms. Gives a 4x multiplier.
  • Tier V - Complete 600 infinite platforms. Gives a 5x multiplier.

Keep in mind your tier doesn't go up immediately, you must lose first!


Of course, there are rewards in playing the infinite course.

  • Complete 10 platforms - +1 XP (will be multiplied by your current tier).
  • Open a loot chest - Varies, you will get more XP for higher tier loot chests (not multiplied by tier or multiplier). You will only get XP for finding disguises you already own:
    • Common - +2 XP
    • Uncommon - +7 XP
    • Rare - +18 XP
    • Epic - +30 XP
    • Legendary - +50 XP
  • Disguise blocks - Not an XP reward, but a cosmetic. For opening loot chests.