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Annihilation offers you a choice of forty classes to select, each with unique and powerful abilities. You can access the class list in the game lobby by right-clicking the feather. Hover over a class item to see more information about it, click an item to select a class.

If you do not select a class when the game starts, you will be given the Civilian kit by default. However, all teams have nether portals in their base, usually close to the nexus. If you enter one of these nether portals, you will be able to change your class.

If you haven't bought/unlocked any other classes, you will be able to use Civilian. An additional three classes will be unlocked temporarily throughout the week for you to play with. These three change every Sunday and are unique to each player. Furthermore, there is an all-classes unlocked match every Saturday (subject to last minute change). Check the latest Dentril's New Moon for more information!

Certain classes can be unlocked by increasing your rank. You can check your progress to getting unlockable classes by using the /rank command in game as of Anni 2.0. Learn about the rank system here.

All classes will start with a compass, which can be used to point to any team's nexus (right click to change target) All classes also spawn with a set of basic tools, excluding a hoe, and a shield. Not all classes have the same starter tools. Unless otherwise noted, your class items will be soulbound - you cannot drop these items otherwise they will disappear. Soulbound blocks, however, can be destroyed and collected as an item, and then dropped at will.