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You are the stone.

The backbone of any good defense, your supply kits and delay blocks enable you to quickly build and reinforce defensive walls and structures to guard your Nexus.

Class Information

Purchase for 15,000 XP

Builder includes a full set of wooden tools and a book titled "Resource Drop" which gives several blocks.

You can call in resources by right-clicking the book, which will open a chest menu containing a random mix of blocks: [Material: Max amount in a single drop]

  • GLASS: 20
  • WOOD: 70
  • TORCH: 5
  • BRICK: 40
  • STONE: 50
  • WOOL: 30
  • DIRT: 60
  • IRON_FENCE: 10
  • Delaying Block: 1 (30% CHANCE)

Resource drops have a 90-second cooldown. When the book is ready to be used, the book's name will display READY. The builder gets 2 experience for about every 1.5 seconds if constantly placing blocks.


  • Very useful for quickly building walls/defenses or even skybridges.
  • You gain experience for placing blocks and calling in packages.


  • None

Tips & Tactics

  • Build walls and call in packages as often as possible for experience and enchant gear.
  • Building a skybridge early on may catch other teams off guard.
  • Give your extra wool to swappers on your team so they can create powerful traps.

Video Review

Parts of this review are now out of date!

Builder - English