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You are the danger.

You may not punch people to death, but that doesn't make you any less potent. Support your teammates by poisoning enemies and reducing their maximum health with your Corrupt ability.

Class Information

Purchase for 15,000 XP

When you hit an enemy, you have a 33% chance to inflict poison on them for 2 seconds dealing 1 damage (File:Half_heart.png). You can activate your Corrupt ability to reduce your enemy's max health by 2 hearts (File:Full_heart.pngFile:Full_heart.png) this also withers targets for 5 seconds (File:Full_heart.pngFile:Half_heart.png). This ability has a 5 block range, with a cooldown of 60 seconds.


  • Corrupt deals massive damage in burst at the beginning of fights.
  • Poison can slow down opponents due to taking damage and keep up pressure.
  • Very strong in defense as it reduces the maximum health of all rushers within range when using the Corrupt ability.


  • The length of the poison effect is short.
  • Corrupt's burst damage is limited to the start of fights, since the two hearts are taken off the top.

Tips & Tactics

  • Go to the middle and activate the ability in their base. They will all be extremely weak when the wither effect ends.
  • Team up with other bloodmages to decrease the maximum health of your enemies even more.
  • Remember that corrupt is an area of effect style ability meaning that you can target more than one enemy if they're within range. Try and target multiple enemies at once for maximum effect.
  • When timed properly the corrupt ability can be very strong in defense as it reduces the health of all enemy rushers within range.

Video Review

Parts of this review are now out of date! Bloodmage - English