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You are the brew.

Your alchemist's tome will provide you with potion ingredients every 90 seconds. Brew enhanced potions in a cauldron full of water - Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble! Original class concept created by Creativion, since updated!

Class Information

Unlock: Reach Silver-II Rank (5,000p) -OR- Purchase for 15,000 XP

The Alchemist spawns with a set of wooden tools, an Alchemist's Brewing Stand and an Alchemist's Tome. You can place the brewing stand, which will become a stand only YOU can access, just like any other brewing stand for that matter. However, enemies will still be able to break it. Once every 90 seconds, you can open the tome to receive a few brewing ingredients or junk items depending on your luck.

List of items and chance of obtaining them:

  • (32% Chance) Very Common: Fermented Spider Eye.
  • (28% Chance) Common: Glistering Melon, Golden Carrot, Sugar, Spider Eye, Magma Cream.
  • (15% Chance) Uncommon: Glowstone Dust.
  • (7% Chance) Rare: Ghast Tear, Nether Wart.
  • (3% Chance) EXTREMELY Rare: Blaze Powder: Only possible after Phase 4.
  • (15% Chance) Junk: Rotten Flesh, Poisonous Potato, Snowball, and String.

Alchemist Enhanced Brewing

You can brew enhanced potions using a cauldron. These potions are extremely powerful and so are class-bound meaning that you cannot switch to another class before drinking/splashing the potion. The water in the cauldron will deplete as you use it so be sure to have a ready water supply! Your teammates cannot pick up items that you have thrown into the cauldron, however your enemies can so be careful. You can sneak to retrieve your items from the cauldron.

To brew an enhanced potion, just throw in any tier 2* (Dusted) potion and its base ingredient (blaze powder, sugar, ghast tear...) in a cauldron. If you want to brew a splash potion, throw in a gunpowder as well. Tier 2 Potions is just the name for potions with glowstone dust or redstone dust added, also known as a "Dusted Potion".

The below image shows what you can brew:



  • Free brewing ingredients, hence saving a lot of gold.
  • Free private brewing stand.
  • Ability to brew Enhanced potions.
  • Very strong for rushes as you can get speed 3 (+60 % movement speed), regen 2 for a longer duration and strength 3 (+ 6 attack damage).


  • Alchemist's Tome is unreliable.
  • Enhanced potions are class-bound and dont effect friendly players.

Tips & Tactics

  • Start grabbing ingredients from the tome as soon as possible when the cooldown finishes.
  • Get a stack of gold and use it only for Nether Wart and bottles, allowing you to brew a ton of potions when you get your ingredients.
  • Combine the abilities of this class with the brewing ingredients obtained from the farmer class to obtain potions without spending gold.
  • Some maps have sand, which you can smelt for bottles.
  • Using enhanced potions require playing as Alchemist, therefore it is up to the player to decide whether to switch classes to have a different ability or to spend that potential on having enhanced potions on hand.
  • Make a 20 minutes invis potion, drink it and change to the class you want to use while you keep the effect.
  • Never use an empty hand when taking potions out of the cauldron, sometimes it can bug and it won't show the potion in your hand and upon clicking on the cauldron again, you might splash it by accident. Using a hand with an item in it will make the potion go to a different slot in your inventory which means it won't splash on accident.

Video Review

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