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Overview of Aftermath 2.0, as seen from the top

Aftermath is an Annihilation map and got added in July 2015. Aftermath is based off of a map called AnniZ, which was taken out of rotation before Aftermath was put into rotation.

The map has many builds featuring MineZ Classic and MineZ 2, Such as: The Nexus tower being a Spire, the Wither portal being placed in Anvalia houses, underneath a huge mountainous bridge, with Giant's Camp on top, as well as Paluster as mid and the giant trees they use in MineZ as well, and many, many more. This map is surely interesting if you're familiar with the MineZ maps.

The map consists of 1 Coal mine that makes it's way underneath the corner of your base. An iron mine on the left side from your base past the little water stream. There are also stone boulders scattered around an area when walk to mid, these boulders have 3/4 iron ores in each of them.

A huge mine quarry with lots of Gold, Iron and a bit of redstone, you can find a little pond of water with emeralds around them when you walk your way up from the quarry, and when you're back on the surface you will see the bigger redstone mine. If you are in search of Lapis, You'd have to go the right side of your base and go past the little water stream and go left. if you look into the hill you'll see a cave with Lapis Lazuli ores inside. The Diamond mine is in mid underneath the big Paluster tree with the ores placed around the tree roots in the ground. People will often block the sides of the island to prevent you from getting on land so be sure to get yourself some blocks. Probably the most interesting mine is the Huge emerald mine between the teams on a Mycelium island. with a 21 Emerald ores. this mine is many times used to get level 30 here quickly but be aware, your enemies think the same.


  • Strategy 1
  • Strategy 2
  • Strategy 3


  • There is some nether wart in between 2 teams. You can use them for brewing.
  • You can create teleports by placing them in the houses or/and in the towers of the enemy base.
  • Assassin rushing is really easy on this map, because there are two ways to go into an enemy's base. You can choose which one is better.


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