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You are the feather.

Soar through the air with a graceful double jump, shoot from the skies with your bow, and run for longer than others with increased stamina.

Class Information

Purchase for 15,000 XP

The Acrobat spawns with wooden tools, a bow and 6 arrows.

  • Double tap space to leap through the air like in the Lobby or in SMASH.
  • The double jump can reach up to 6 blocks up and has a 10 second cooldown.
  • You can never take fall damage as this class.
  • Your hunger will never decrease below 3.5 hunger. (0.5 Hunger1 Hunger1 Hunger1 Hunger)
    • This means you can never take hunger damage.


  • Double jumping is useful for getting over walls and defenses, or otherwise hard to reach areas.
  • Immunity to fall damage.
  • Starting with a bow and 6 arrows which gives you an early game advantage.
  • Can never not sprint.


  • None

Tips & Tactics

  • Jump off skybridges & towers into the enemy base, without the need for a launch pad.
  • Good for mining diamonds if other teams are around, run in and mine then double jump out.
  • Great for surviving a fall into the canyons in the Canyons map.
  • Very usefull class on maps with a lot of hight differnence. Use the hight in your advantage.
  • When dueling with another player, you can double jump over him and gain a small advantage.
  • Use this class for invisibility rushing. Most bases include an entrance that will make you take fall damage. If you use the acrobat class, you won't take any damage and you, therefore, will not become visible.

Video Review

Acrobat - English

Acrobat - Español